Hey Sweets!  How was your Easter?  Was it wonderful?  I hope so.  I hope that it was filled with all things wonderful….just like ours.  So here we are…back to mmmMonday! Are you guys full of ham?  Did you know that up until a few years ago I didn’t realize that people always had ham for Easter?  WHERE ON EARTH WAS I?  I am a foodie kind of gal and this slipped by me.  Probably because my family didn’t do ham for Easter…maybe.  I don’t know….but NOW I know.  😉

So….it’s mmmMonday! and I have a little squash tip for you. You know…it’s spring….squash is yellow…see the connection?  Okay…moving on. Ha!  Where I’m from, squash is grown to be fried.  Some of our mommas rolled it in flour then dipped it in milk and egg.  Other mommas used cornmeal.  Any way you fry it…it’s a warm bit of heaven on your tongue.  Fried squash is comfort food…no doubt about it.

Saying all of that…today I’m going to give you a new little take on squash.  We usually have an abundance of it in the summer…as long as the squash bugs are kept at bay.  Even when we don’t have it on the vine…you can usually pick it up at the grocery store year around.  Yellow squash is my favorite.  There are other names for it…but generally we just call it yellow. Last year I was trying to come up with some different ways to fix it.  Enter:  The Panini grill press pan.

Do you guys have a Panini pan or some sort of grill pan?  That is all you need.  That and a little olive oil and salt and pepper.  Squash is wonderful this way.  It gives it an amazing flavor…and that is coming from a girl (Doesn’t that sound young? Yes..it does.) that was raised on fried squash.



(I only use the bottom of my grill pan….of course.)  😉

yellow squash (or whatever kind you love)

olive oil

salt and pepper



Go ahead and get your gill pan warming on the stove.  Maybe a mediumish heat.  You don’t want it too hot…but you do want a nice little sizzle.  Cut your squash length-wise.  Brush them with olive oil and add a little salt and pepper. Lay them on your grill pan and cook for a few minutes until they are starting to get a little translucent and then turn. Cook on this side until they are cooked through. You might need to add a little more S&P to taste.

There ya go, Dirt Roaders.  A healthy easy side just for you.  We want you to be around for years to come.  We want you to grow up big and strong.  😉  I’m being good today.  There is a bowl full of air-popped popcorn beside me…..dressed in a tad of real butter and a drizzle of olive oil.  Of course a little sea salt too. Let’s be healthy and live to be old and crusty.  Now…go forth…and grill that squash!