Sometimes in life…when your sisters are helping your mom make a banner…you need to make a big ol’ whoppin’ mustache.
A small mustache will not do.  It must rival the stache of  Yosemite Sam.  If it is covered in white polka dots that is even better.  If you can snag a piece of your sister’s fancy schmancy Duck Tape, (Not the old Duct Tape…get with it….elderly.)  😉 then it looks even better. Sometimes you just need to stache and relax.


Sometimes in life…if your brother makes a huge mustache out of the banner paper…then you need to get creative and make a curly mustache.  If you can’t make one that is bigger…then it must be better.  You need to look quite sophisticated…especially if you are a little lady sportin’ a mustache.  Sometimes in the middle of a project…you just need to stache and relax.


Our kids teach me so much in life.  They teach me that in the middle of a project…it’s wonderful to be crazy and funny.  When I’m too driven or their dad is too exact…they show us that it’s okay to lighten up.  This project was actually a part of my chalkboard chart that I gave you a sneak peek of on Facebook.  I’m putting that off until next week.  This week we have icy weather…kids at home and family time.  So until next week…it’s stache and relax for me.  Maybe I should go find one of those mustaches and put it on.

Have a wonderful weekend, Dirt Roaders!  Go forth and wear a stache!


p.s. No mustaches were harmed during this post. 😉