You probably don’t realize this…but today is a special day.  Today, February 21, 2013, we have lived in our home for nine years!  Here…along this dirt road, we know what it’s like to see a cow pasture and imagine a home place.  We know about the blood, sweat and tears involved in starting with drilling a well and praying that it doesn’t cost bazillions of dollars.  We know the joy of driving out to “the land” and watching it become a home.  It started with a dream and not only became a day in the country…but a life there as well.

house 1

I have lived in the country for a big part of my life.  My first home, right after birth was on my grandparent’s farm. We lived in a mobile home in the yard over from their farmhouse.  They tell me that I would stand in the window and wave at them. (Good times…those late seventies.) Then we moved to an old two-story house…that I still dream about, sometimes at night.  It was the home of my childhood. Isn’t it strange the way things from our childhood influence our choices as adults? Could my upbringing cause me to long for…a day in the country?

It’s true that some people cannot wait to get far away from their roots.  I understand that.  I have family members that were raised on a farm and now as adults…farming is the last thing on their minds and they live in town. I’ve only lived in town for a handful of years…and even part of that time was spent staying in the country, every other weekend.  (We live in a very rural community…some of you would crack up and say that our “town” is still in the country.  You would be right. 😉 All in all…it’s all about preference.  For me…it’s a day in the country.

house 2

It’s actually a cold and icy day here today.  Our poor little chickens have come out and had breakfast in their frozen yard and ran back up into their cozy little house.  Nine years ago today it was sunny and warm. I am so thankful for that.  I’m sure that the faithful friends that showed up to help us move beds and dressers up the stairs were thankful too.  That was an exciting day in the country.


Thank you for stopping by and celebrating with us, Dirt Roaders.  Thankfulness wells up within my heart to live along this stretch of the dirt road.  Thank you Father…..for our life in the country.