Hey Guys!  Thank you for stopping by yesterday.  I was so excited to show you the hutch…and my husband kept saying “Your people are going to love this.”  lol!  He was right.  Thank you…thank you…thank you….my people. (That was said in a low, leader-type voice.)  Sooooo anyway, we are talking pears today.  Have you seen them everywhere?  Have you seen them anywhere?  I have.  Thus….What A Pear!

Pears just seem to be a classy looking fruit.  Have you noticed that?  (I’m full of questions today.) I see them in Blogland, I see them at my favorite decorating store in our town.  I am getting ready to make a run to this wonderful store just a ways from us, to see if they have any of the bright green ones.  BTW:  You heard it here first…or maybe not…but I have it on good authority that GREEN is the color for 2013.  I heard it straight from the horses mouth…well…she isn’t a horse and doesn’t resemble one, she is actually very pretty. (I hope that she isn’t reading my blog.)  I also read online somewhere, that emerald-green is the color.  I’m okay with that.  I love bright, moss-green.  I think that I got sidetracked.  All of you women are still with me…but we lost the men somewhere back there.  Sorry guys.  😉  Pears!  There we are…back on track.  Pears are pretty.  I’m done.

I found these little pear bowls at Big Lots also.  Aren't they fun?

I found these little pear bowls at Big Lots also. Aren’t they fun?

I love you, Dirt Roaders.  I hope that you have a wonderful day.  Run to the nearest store and buys some pears! (Only if it is in your budget.  If not…look at the junk store.)  Real or fake, they are elegant and beautiful.  (Father…You do good work…and I love You…undescribable. Amen.)