Here it is.  My five dollar hutch makeover!  I am not kidding you.  Drumroll please…

Okay…just a minute.  Maybe I should explain how this happened.  Last week I went to Big Lots to grab a pillow that I had seen the day before and didn’t buy.  It’s so cute.  It’s the French grain sack type.  (Awesome find.) Do you love Big Lots?  I do.  Sometimes when I’m there…I come upon these amazing finds.  Okay…so we have established my love for Big Lots…let’s move on. Drumroll please…


Our hutch in it’s original glory.

So, here I am toodling around in the back of the store and I come upon a Waverly vinyl table-cloth.  It was a beautiful blue and white Moroccan print. FIVE American dollars!  I’m not really sure when the lightbulb came on but it was this divine moment.  I mean glowing light..and harps and all.  Okay, not so much, but I was really excited.  I decided that I was going to, very sweetly, ask the Mr. to help me with a little DIY.  I wanted to measure this table-cloth, cut it and put it in the back of the hutch.  (I have seen this in Blogland and can you say…..SCHA-NA-ZEE? That is snazzy to you normal people.) Drumroll please…



My hutch has a long story about two young people with a little blonde headed child.  They were so excited in a furniture store…once upon a time.  I have seriously thought about getting rid of it and going with a buffet, but I am a tad on the sentimental side.  It’s not a high dollar piece…but I still love it.  I revamped it a little…by painting the oak with some white paint that we already had.  The Mr. also had some glue that we used to put the table cloth on. Thus…a five dollar hutch makeover.  Drumroll please…


Bye bye blonde.

I’m going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking for me.  Let me know what you think.  I would love to hear your comments.  Have a wonderful day, Dirt Roadies. You are the best!


All white…!

A more patient Mr., I have never know.

A more patient Mr., I have never known. 🙂

All done. Ain’t she pretty? 😉 I love Miss Mustard Seed….she inspired my little hanging wreath.

Very pleased with the results of my five dollar project.

Very pleased with the results of my five dollar project.

A "new" member in the dining room.  :)

A “new” member in the dining room. 🙂