Hey Friends.  How was your weekend?  Ours was fun.  Our Friday night adventure was a little trip  to a very small neighboring town.  They have a little fish house there, by the river.  It was wonderfully quaint.  Right up my…dirt road…alley. Just a really great time with family.  Saturday had a DIY project thrown in. ( I will show you later in the week.)  Sunday was a wonderful day of worship and relaxation.  Blessings abound and I am very thankful.  So…that brings us to mmmMonday! Are you ready?  I sure am.  mmmMonday! is helping me get fired back up in the foodie department.  🙂  I was feeling a little bored in my kitchen and that is NEVER good at our house.

So last week was our very first mmmMonday! post.  That night when I had my plate fixed I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture for you guys.  Isn’t that nice?  Yeah…I know…that is just how I am.  🙂 Anyway, I am trying to lighten up our meals a tad after all of that holiday food, and this was what I came up with.  It was very good. To give credit…where credit is due, I saw a version of this in my Food Network magazine.  (One of my little treats to myself.  Love…lovity…love that magazine.)


So, this is so easy.  No recipe required…because it’s really just “each to his own.”  I grabbed some steak out of the freezer and cooked it in the iron skillet.  Season with whatever you like. I did freshly cracked pepper, salt and Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning.  After I cooked the steak I let it rest a tad and then sliced it against the grain.  We ate ours on a bed of spinach with feta cheese.  Other toppings: grape tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, cucumbers and onion.  Ranch dressing was a must with my bunch, even though I am known to go with vinaigrette, more often than not.

I hope that you have a wonderful mmmMonday! out there.  May your Monday night supper be wonderful and relaxing, Dirt Roaders.  You deserve it after a busy day.