I am hanging my head in shame.  Not really, but I kinda feel like it.  Today, I am going to share with you, my sweet Dirt Roaders, something ridiculous.  It is our glass and cup collection.  Really now?  A family of five need a bazillion and a half drinking glasses and cups?  Please tell me that we are joking.  It’s nuts!

(These pictures are not the greatest because it was evening…but you will…um…get the picture.  I know…I just winced.)


It will be so nice to unload the dishwasher and not have to fit the glasses in like puzzle pieces!

To our credit…we are big drinkers.  Hiccup.  I’m keeding….I’m keeding…not that kind of drinkers.  Like…sweet tea (Mine with Splenda please.) and other yummy things.  The occasional cup of coffee and milk for our Oreos.  We sound awful.  We are not.  We try to be a little more healthy than we sound.  😉 I do have to say that I usually have a glass filled with some kind of icy, refreshing, sweetness sitting on the kitchen counter.  (Are we thirsty yet?  I’m getting cotton mouth just blogging about it.)

(I lost my edited version somewhere...pretend my badge is on there.  ;) ) Sheesh...look at all the cups!

(I lost my edited version somewhere…pretend my badge is on there.) Sheesh…look at all of those cups and glasses and doesn’t include stemware!

Really though…that does not mean that we need all of these cups and glasses.  Remember when I mentioned the January Purge to you?  Well…it has happened at our house.  Our first major phase.  It is wonderful.  I do have to say, that my Mr. did the boxing up while I was cooking pancakes and bacon and eggs.  He asked if things got to stay or had to go.  It’s so easy for him.  (I spied those little Tupperware tumblers that our babies used to drink their milk out of at snack time…but I left them in the box. *sniff) While this was going on, I was consoling myself in my mind, that they would still be in the basement in the box.  Get a grip woman!

ahhhhh......simplicity helps me breathe.

ahhhhh……simplicity helps me breathe.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, Dirt Roadikins. (My spell check doesn’t recognize “Roadikins” and suggests goatskins.  I would never call you Dirt Goatskins.) May you squeeze your loved ones extra and make wonderful memories…over glasses of sweet tea!


p.s. Mother-in-Law…if you are reading this…thank you for going to the nursing home with me on visitation yesterday.  You seemed pretty comfortable there. That makes me feel better. 😉 (I’m keeding…I’m keeding!)