What did a little birdie tell me?

A little birdie told me that it didn’t want to be put away with the Christmas decor.  I agree.  I think that he looks stunning on the mantle wreath.


I’m not really sure why I decided to leave the birds out this year.  Maybe because they are white…and I love white.  When we first built our home I was afraid that I had too much.  Nah.  We’re good. Keep it coming.


The other day I was visiting over at Thistlewood Farm.  Karianne is delightful. You guys would love her.  Anyway, she was making the most precious little birds.  So bright and cheery.  Bright and cheery is good in the winter.

I hope that you have a wonderful day and an amazing weekend, Dirt Roaders.  Now…go forth and………enjoy.



p.s.  Today is my 100th post!  I know…I know…such a baby blogger.  😉  Thank you, to all of you that are riding with me….along the dirt road.