Hey friends!  How are you today?  It’s Friday.  You did it.  Good job.

Okay, so…because I love you…my faithful readers, I have made an executive decision.  I loved the turquoise theme that I tried out on you this week but it didn’t seem like a comfortable read.  The font was pretty small and since I am trying to stay frugal with this blog at the moment, and I would need to pay for a different font, I decided to go back with FREE!  I read several other blogs and the ones that I visit the most just have a good “feel” to them.  Ya know?  Yes…I thought that you would understand.

So…while it’s “change it up” week…why not change the header on the blog?  We have had the first one for a few months…now how about a little cloche, mercury glass, “burlap” ribbon and a blue Ball jar?  (We got our turquoise in there after all.)


I’m sorry if this caused any confusion or irritation.  Well…of course it DID NOT.  I have smart and easy goin’ readers don’t I.  Yes…I do.  Once again…I love my readers.  😉

May you have a wonderful day filled with mahvalous junk, Dirt Road friends.  You guys are the best!

(I would love to hear your comments…let ‘er rip tater chip. 😉 )