Hey Friends!  How are you?  I usually don’t post much on the weekend. Today you are getting a bonus.  😉  So…simple things to use as decor for Christmas?  Yes…I have a few of those tricks up my sleeve.  I will share a couple with you today.

I lovity..love…love these clip on, bird ornaments that we got a few years ago.  I think that they were clearanced out for like .29 or something like that.  How fun!  They just add a little festive glam to your ordinary things.  I just used this candle ring on one of those suction cup hangers, on a mirror.  Then I clipped the little bird on.  SA-WEET!


So….how easy is some frosty garland, yarn balls and big ol’ pinecones in a bowl?  Pretty easy and looks great on our coffee table.



After so many years of too much stress during the holidays we have decided to make wise choices.  As much as I love decorating it can be overwhelming this time of year.  I have also discovered that I enjoy it so much more when it is simple and clean-looking. Simple Christmas decor is… the new me.

Last night we blocked out a whole evening to drive around with our kids and look at Christmas lights.  We also did a little secret santa delivery…that was so much fun!  Wow…I think that I am getting it… after all these years.  (Wait…that makes me sound old.) 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, Dirt Roaders!  Don’t forget to stop and smell the garland! 😉


p.s. I would LOVE to hear you thoughts on this.  Your comments make me HAPPY!