It’s Thursday…..YAY!  Okay…enough of that.  We are going to take a little breather from Christmas decor today.  Let’s check in at the coop and see what it going on.  Sometimes I like to totally change course for a bit…and regroup.  Plus…I don’t want to bore you.  I’m just nice that way.  😉


I’m thinking that they are thinking that it’s time to eat.

Mr. Henry is running around, trying to look busy.

None of them want to hear the phrase “Winner, winner, chicken dinner.”

They probably talk about how stupid the dogs are.

I can imagine a chicken doing that.

I wonder if one ever says “Pardon me, I have to run inside and lay an egg.”

(Okay…I know that chickens don’t talk…we are just having fun.)  😉

I wonder if one ever says “Henry, do these feathers make me look fat?”

(Henry…don’t answer that!)


Have a wonderful day, Dirt Roadies!  May all of your feathers make you look slim and trim. 😉