You’ve seen this picture before and you might see it again.

This woman was just a kid of a girl when I came into her life.

She is amazing.  She is kind.  She is generous.  She has taught me so many things that make me what I am.  She is the one that I was blessed to come from and for this I am truly thankful. She provided me with a cozy little “apartment” for nine months.  She made sure that I had that crazy, baby curl going on, on top of my head.  She would hold my hand while she was driving down the road and we  would be singing to the tops of our lungs.  She told me to not be afraid when it was storming and we were in the car.  (Rubber tires…you know..will keep the lightning from getting us.)  Fast forward several years.  She held me while I cried when I lost our first baby. I think that she cried even harder than I did.  I laid by her in the motel bed in Memphis and listened to her snore…when my brother was diagnosed with leukemia.  She was so tired.  She is strong.  So strong.  I don’t know if I have ever met a woman who is a strong as she is. She loves her family from way down deep.  My brother and I talk about her…with smiles on our faces because she is our crazy, wild and wonderful mother.  We also celebrate the fact that she is learing to text.  Ha!  We just love her…enough said.


Have a wonderful November 15th, Dirt Road Friends.  It’s a wonderful date in history. 🙂