You did it!  It’s Friday.  I will wait a sec while you do your happy dance.  Da dum…dum..dum…dee…dee…dum….. Are ya done?  Okay.  Here we go.  😉  So apothecary jars!  I love them.  So much.  Did I tell you that,  last year…when I was taking my big one off of the hutch that I dropped the lid and it hit me on the head?  OUCHNESS! It then went along on its journey to the floor.  Yeah….no more lid.  Anyway, yesterday I was out and about and I found another one to kinda replace my broken one.  EVERYONE knows that you must have three!  I also happened upon an amazing piece of old ceiling tile.  I will share that with you…when I get it on the wall.  For now…enjoy with me…the newest member of my apothecary jar family.  I shall call her Squatty.  (Okay….I know…but I’m crackin’ myself up with that one. 😉 )

Have a wonderful Friday, Sweet Dirt Roaders!  It’s almost Thanksgiving!