Okay…okay…sorry for the corniness.  I just couldn’t resist. I know that yesterday we talked about Christmas a tad, but today we are going to just flip-flop back a bit to the everyday stuff.  I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite things. (Not a few…just one. 🙂 )  I have had this crock for a few years.  We actually found it at a yard sale. If I’m not mistaken, the Mr. bargained with them on it.  It has a hole drilled in the bottom, sadly, because someone used it outside.  I did that too,  for a while and then one day….ding…ding…ding….I brought that baby in the house (after I hosed it down) and now it resides in our entryway.  I love it.  Even though it’s all chippy and looks like it came over on the Mayflower.  (Ahhhh….a Thanksgiving/Pilgrim reference. ha!)  It generally holds a blanket…but when it’s time to decorate for Christmas it holds a flocked Alpine tree.  Adorbs. (Don’t tell my teenage daughter that I just said that.)  It’s just all cozy and homey and woodsy with that tree in it.  I will have to show you what I mean…right after Thanksgiving.  😉

It makes you wonder about all of the goodies that this was used for….back in the day.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Dirt Roaders!  You are halfway through the week.  You can do it!  btw: I love your comments…..don’t be shy!