Once upon a November 8th

I was as big as a beach ball

That you take to the lake.

Did you like it?  Why, thank you.  Thank you, very much.  😉  We were rewarded by my hugeness that day…and we were blessed by the grace of God.  He gave us yet another amazing child.  She was born in the wake of so much grief in our country and yet she was and still is the most peaceful, little, gentle soul.  We are truly blessed beyond measure.  You see…all of our (and yours too) children have these individual gifts that were placed in them when they were “knit together” by the hand of God in the womb.  I want to see this and I want to encourage the growth of this gift in the way that He has planned for us.

Taggin’ it up today.

Happy Thursday, Dirt Road Sweeties!  It’s a very special Thursday this week, for us!