Isn’t there something amazing about homemade bread?  It feels so earthy.  It feels wonderful to share a loaf with your family or your friends.  One of the things that I love about a certain Italian joint is, the fact that they give you whole loaves of bread to share.  Someone usually gets the job of slicing the bread.  Breaking bread with family and friends is such an ancient act of togetherness.  It’s not just good for the body, it’s good for the soul.

The bread in this picture is actually from a Pinterest.  It’s called Miracle bread.  It is reallllllllly good.  This was back before I started blogging and a friend edited it and put my name on it.  I love this picture.  It captures all things…well….bread.  It was so good…warm and drizzled with honey and slathered with butter.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Dirt Roaders.  Now…go forth…and bake bread.  🙂

ps. Some days….you just need a little comfort food.  Today is a good day for that. 🙂