Hey there!  Are you doing the happy dance for Friday yet?  I’m not quite to that point yet.  Give me an hour or two.  😉  Actually in our neck of the woods most of the men are happy because gun season opens tomorrow.  Tenderloin anyone?  Well…if you say “yes” then you will need a little S & P won’tcha?  AND…..what is better than salt and pepper in amazing little retro shakers?  I lovity-love-love  retro salt and pepper shakers.  I mean, I haven’t gone crazy like people used to do, acquiring a set from every state (as cool as that was) but…..I do have a set or five…ha!…that I love!  Retro just takes me back…ya know?  Some of it…to my earliest memories.  When I came on the scene, tons of people still had Avocado Green appliances!

Have a wonderful weekend, Dirt Road People.  If you have hunters in your bunch, I pray that they be safe and rewarded for their efforts in the outdoors.  (Maybe you will get a chance to use a little S&P.) 😉