Okay, because I am an honest person, I have to confess.  This is not our porch this year.  It is our porch… last year.  I’m sorry.  Do you forgive me?  😉

Someone mentioned to me the other day that they were worried about the pumpkin crop.  I guess that the drought this summer had them wondering.  Do any of you know?  Have you heard one way or the other? I hope that we can still get pumpkins. (Without paying an arm, a leg and a little toe.) Big ol’ fat (real) pumpkins are my fav.  I love them in all different colors.

A porch, big or small, always makes a statement.  I think that the mood of the inside of your home can be felt on your porch.  Why not set a pumpkin on your porch?  When you drive up to your home…it will be there…to greet you.

Happy Wednesday, Dirt Roaders.  ~((()))~