Okay…before I get started I have to tell you something sad.  I have no before or during pictures of this project.  I only have the finished product.  You are going to have to use your imagination.  Imagination is good, right?  I thought so.  (Unless you imagine creepy, limbless dolls, going bump in the night. Okay…enough with the dolls. )

Okay so…this chest used to be in our little girl’s room.  We had two.  They were actually free and brown.  I had a wild hair when our church was cleaning out an old rental property…many moons ago.  So…we became the proud owners.  It was wonderful because I had this brainstorm of painting each drawer a different color.  It was grand….for quite a while.  So cute….so” little girly.”  Then they got NEW (like actually from the store new) bedroom furniture.  Sooooooo….the little “labor of love” chests went to the basement.

Fast Forward to 2011:

One day…I got, yet another, wild hair.  “Honey will you drag one of them thar chests up out of the basement?”  (Okay…I don’t really talk like that.)  He did.  I smiled.  He moaned and groaned and called our chiropractor.  (Not really…I made that last part up.)  Anyway, for some reason my little brother was there and he got in on this too.  Ahhh yes…I remember now.  He was told by our mother to bring me that antique mirror that hangs over our mantle.  I also remember that I paid him to do it.  Smart little brother. So…back to the chest.

I decided to apply some of that wall paper that looks like old ceiling tiles to the fronts of the drawers.  Then I painted it a wonderful antique-y green color…that was actually left from our master bathroom.  My friend Jodi actually did this wall paper on her ceiling and it looks amazing.  She lives in a wonderful, old, two-story house.  That is another story for another day though.

So…this is the story of a poor little chest that could have been part of a bonfire.  Alas…I looked deep into its little soul and said, “Would you like to come home with us?  We will put you to work.  I can tell that you still have life left in you.  You will hold our little one’s clothes with great care and then someday I will make you beautiful.”  Okay…I didn’t say all of that…but if you are a true junker…this kind of stuff is swirling in your head….most of the time.

Happy Tuesday, Dirt Roaders!  Have mercy on some junk!