(I usually don’t post twice in one day.  This was actually for the 5th…but I went ahead and posted before midnight.  Idk…I just want my early morning readers to enjoy. ;))

Okay.  I admit…that sounds weird.  Real weird.  But I do have a little story to tell.  It is a little creepy.  It’s a lot good but a little creepy.

One day last week, I spent the day with a friend.  We went out-of-town on a little road trip.  She had happened upon this “honey hole” of a place.  (Do you know what that means?  It’s like a good fishin’ hole but to a junker…it’s a place where you hear heavenly music when you see a pile of good junk.)

When we pulled up to the amazing place on the back side of a railroad track I was so excited, I think I even said, “Do you hear angels singing?”  The place was uber  super (my daughter thinks I’m too old for words like that…hee hee) cool!  It was actually an old motel.  I’m talking old like as in old, old.  What could be better?  All of that cool stuff for sale…and in a really old hotel/motel (someone tell me the difference…) that was just oozing character. Some of the stuff was new and some was not.  This brings me to the scary dolls and beans.

After we gleaned through the things on the main level…we then ascended this MAHVALOUS old staircase.  More antiques and such up there…and then we happened onto this little room that at one time must have been a child’s nursery.  The reason I knew is because there was actually a painted rug on the hardwood floor.  Then…much to our horror there were boxes of doll parts.  My friend, very creeped out, was trying to cover the doll parts with other junk in the room.  We were both  weirded out.  Not long after that…like the grown women that we are,  we casually ran (just kidding) walked down the staircase.  My friend then began to tell me that she was glistening.  (She is from the South…like as in… more south that I.) I said “Girl, around here…you are not glistening…you are sweating! In the Ozarks…we just sweat.  😉

Okay…so now you are wondering about the beans.  Well…we both spied this amazing little primitive scoop.  There is something about primitive things in the fall.  To me they just feel cozy when other parts of the year I am a little (just a little) more modern.  Modern Farmhousy….that’s my style.  Doesn’t that sound like something you would want to buy!?  lol!  Anywho……she said “Ahhhh…wouldn’t that be great in a big jar?”  We both realized that I had a big jar…and birthday moolah burning a hole in my wallet.  So…I bought the scoop, plus some other goodies.  Then I bought four bags of baby limas over the weekend.  There you have it…scary dolls and beans.

The End.

Not really….I have one more thing to say.  I love it when I visit a new little place and I feel like I have made a new friend.  The lady there was so kind.  I can’t wait to visit with her again!

Watch out for doll parts Dirt Roaders!  😉