I have a friend.  Her name is…well…to protect her identity… lets just call her…S.  One day S. and I were on the phone.  She started talking about her fall decor.  We were flapping our gums, as only we women can, and all of a sudden she said something about loving her stuff that was fall-y.  I started laughing…then she started laughing.  Now, I do need to tell you this, S. is an asthmatic.  Sometimes when she laughs, she gets silent.  It’s okay if I’m with her but when we are on the phone it’s scary.  I have to ask her if she is still with me.  Okay…. this may not even be funny to you but it was to us.  I said “Do you mean autumnal?”  This made it even funnier.  We decided that we really didn’t care…we liked “fall-y” the best.  Ain’t nothin’ too good for us.  😉

Happy Thursday Dirt Roadakins!  😉

These are the “punkums” that my sweet husband spray painted for me and the little fall banner that I made after hanging out on Pinterest. I thought about spraying the pumpkins again…since we just used his chrome spray paint….but I kinda like the two different finishes of silver. Nice contrast. Whatcha think? Chrome or do I go buy the Looking Glass paint? Opinions greatly appreciated!