Truly…..ours was.  The chickens that we bought back in the spring have now started their egg production.  YAY!  Our children now have their own business and have already had their very own “egg meeting.”  I did have to explain that they were equal partners and that no one was the CEO of the company at this time.

We also celebrated a birthday this weekend.  Our son partied his little heart out.  He and his dad and one of his sisters hit it big at the rock climbing wall.  It was so fun to watch.  Momma don’t do no heights…if you want Momma to refrain from cardiac arrest!   Soooooo….I was a good spectator…with our other daughter.  Took lots of pictures, surely that counts for something, right?  🙂

Guess what else happened at our house?  FALL BABY!   That is right.  It was rainy on Friday so I could no longer resist.  I have a few more things to tweak and another idea to try (maybe) and then I will post a few pics…just to try to help you along if you are stumped.  You know “love one another.”  🙂  Maybe it will inspire you the way that some of you inspire me.  Sometimes for me, just seeing someone else’s take on something… get the wheels turnin’.

One more thing.  We had amazing services at our home church over the weekend.  God is good…to give us blessings like these.

Happy Tuesday Dirt Roaders!

p.s. My longsuffering hubby spray painted some of my pumpkins SILVER this weekend.  LOVE…LOVE…LOVE!  😉