So I have this friend.  We shall call her M&M to protect her identity.  She may be a celebrity…she may not.  I will never tell.  M&M has this uncanny way of decorating with greenery.  It is inspiring.

When I first went to M&M’s house I was so amazed and impressed.  We are talking class.  Just the right touch here and there.  That is the thing that I love about people.  We are all different.  We can glean things from each other that make us better people.

So M&M…she revived my passion for decorating with greenery.  I do have some live plants and some that are just “pretending.”  She has the most beautiful little olive tree (pretender) that you ever did see.  Anyway, she inspired me so much that I started making my own little “topiaries” here and there and everywhere.  Okay…not everywhere, that would be too much.  Just a few.  The green stuff plus my passion for mercury glass and silver (well-loved) things seem to go good together.  Plus, I am crazy about the greenery with all of my white decor.

M&M is “good people.”  We can trust her Dirt Roaders.  So go…go out and buy some fake plants.  Make topiaries and smile.  😉

Did you know that you can make topiaries by just wrapping greenery around those willow balls? You can. I promise. Cross my little heart. ❤