Okay….okay.  I’m jumping the gun a little.  Fall is actually the twenty-second of September.  The thing is, I luff to decorate for fall.  What is it about fall?  It is soooooooooooo cozy.  It makes me want to eat chili and burn apple scented candles.  It makes me want to make goodie bags for people and pumpkin bread for my neighbors.  (Okay…I don’t always get these things done…just in case my neighbors are reading this.)

I think that this love affair with fall goes back to childhood. Smelling wood smoke in the air, eating good soup at Granny’s house, darkness settling earlier, all these things seem so cozy to me.  Maybe that is why I love to make huge vats of soup for my family.  There is just something about that nip in the air that seems to promise the joy of things to come.  Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Maybe that was it…it was the beginning of things to look forward to.

I hope that I have inspired you.  I hope that you run to your box of fall decor and shamelessly put it out all around you.  I hope that you cruise Pinterest and every favorite blog and look for good ideas.  I have a few up my sleeve that I plan on trying this year.  Remember…the sooner you put it out…the longer you get to enjoy it.  Live, laugh, love and get with it…Dirt Roaders!  😉

Sweet little “not-so-pretty” pumkins and gourds are my favorite.