A couple of days ago… I cooked two different meals at suppertime.  The girls wanted to eat whatever their little hearts desired. (We do that at times.)  My little one wanted an omelet.  Let me tell you…did I ever deliver?  A three egg omelet w/pepperoni and mozzarella.  Since I was in the middle of a good book I decided that I would have a ginormous bowl of air-popped popcorn after I got everyone else fed.  (Okay, lest you think that I was too saintly, it did have a tad of olive oil and a smidge of real butter.)  Okay…..so….what about the mister?  Where does he fit into the story?

Enter:  The Mr.

My husband came home a little early to mow our jungle of a yard.  How precious.  I have been known to mow (a lot) but at this present time the ragweed is out to get me.  Soooooo… since this hard workin’ man worked all day and then came home and went straight to work again I decided that the burgers that I was going to fix him needed to be just a leetle extra special.

I must fess up now.  I did cheat.  These are turkey burgers and they were frozen.  I love, love…..lovedy..love…love turkey burgers.  Now I am sure that not all of you do.  I’m okay with that.  😉  But, I saw these at the store and couldn’t resist.  Anyway, lest my man have to eat a plain ol’ burger on a bun…I doctored it a tad.  That is hereditary. (My dad….is a doctor-upper in the food dept.)  Do you want my secret?  I will share it with you and show you a picture all at the same time.  (btw:  you will notice that I also cooked corn for the man.  He is a lover of all things corn. ;))

Happy Thursday Dirt Roaders!  Celebrate Thursday…..just cause you can.

Let me know what secret weapons you use on your burgers!  Mmmm….I think that I could eat burgers…….a lot!

These burgers were upgraded from “plain Jane” by adding a little feta cheese, avacado, onion, garden tomato and homemade dill pickles. The little shot of pizazz was the garlic mayo. (Yum-a-dee!) Plus…while I was frying the burger…I made a little seasoned butter to brush on it. Butter, paprika, salt and pepper. Try it….you might like it!