I know that you have them.  They are either out where you can see them or stashed away to never…ever…ever…in your long-legged life, go into the yard sale (around here we say yard sale or garage sale, garage sale being a little more sophisticated but if you are a little on the hoity-toity side you might want to say tag sale. ;)) Anyway, they are those treasures that you would never part with.  The things that make you smile when you look at them.  They might not even be worth much to anyone else but to you they have so much meaning because of the giver or the place and time that you bought them.  Today I am sharing one of my favorite treasures of all time as far as possessions go.  A very simple thing indeed but a treasure none the less.  What are “a

My mom gave me this right after we built our home. It matches the Russet Rose walls perfectly. I love the little lady on it. The simplicity just makes me smile.

few of your favorite things?”  I would love to hear about them.