Okay Dirt Roaders, I finally took the plunge.  I had been contemplating changing our family room’s color for a while.  It had been Rock Candy, which is a yellow/gold color.  When I first painted it a few years ago I was pleased until a certain time in the afternoon.  Then it took on the beautiful glow of Kraft Singles.  Yes, good ol’ American cheese.  I lived with it though and even grew to like it.  Until I got tired of it.  I do that sometimes.

Enter:  Midwinter Sky

Midwinter Sky is a BHG color, which kind of sold me from the beginning because I love their stuff.  Classy yet homey (yo, can you get down wif dat?)  Sorry…got sidetracked for a minute. 🙂  Anywho…I was really wanting something that looked old-fashioned.  Something with a hint of turquoise (love that color…

A little change…is good.

Thanks Mom for always dressing me in that as a child and now I have a strange addiction to it.) but not too much.  Midwinter Sky had that kinda washed out, antique color that I was going for…that I wanted to use for a neutral.  Yep…you heard that right.  See, I still wanted to use my same stuff.  By the way, there is something about this color that I ADORE with white and mercury glass.  I don’t know…maybe in a few years I will have some issue with it, but for now I love it with my reds and golds and burlap shades.

(btw: I never could find that Ravioli Soup recipe, so I made up my own.  Just a basic chicken and veggie soup with the ravioli thrown in at the last-minute.  The cheese in that particular brand was a tad wangy for me…but if I could find a different kind, it would be a keeper.  I shall be on the lookout. It’s a great way to incorporate pasta into your soup.)

Enjoy your weekend!