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Guys! There you are and here I am. Just popping in with a quick line because….May is crazy! It almost rates right up there with December on the busy scale. Our kiddos have been a bit busier than usual so that means mom is too. So…before I pop back off of here and clean this house a bit…a few pictures from the Farmhouse.

If you follow on IG you know that a few beeish things have been abuzz here. There is something very earthy and summer-esque about honey. Anyway…it’s been fun. I have some friends that have inspired this new little love. Thanks Maranda and Kristy!!!

Do you guys have your Americana decor up and running? I have been adding touches here and there. So much fun!!!

Whatever you guys are up to I hope that your summer (almost) is off to a great start!!! Okay…now off to clean a little before I have to make my next kid drop off.

Love from the Farmhouse,