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Hello…from the Ozarks. I hope that everyone is well today. Things are coated in green in our neck of the woods. So…although the song says “smoke” pollen does get in your eyes.

I am takin’ it easy today. We cleaned and scrubbed over the weekend, so that is done for a few days. I had a project that I needed to finish for the church, and that is done too. Of course…laundry is chugging. It’s a hobby of mine. 😉

On a side note: It’s yard sale season! All the junkers pump their fists. Above are a few treasures from last week. All the heart eyes for kitchen goodies.

(Crate and Barrel)

Whatever you are up to and wherever you are…I hope that the pollen can be parted and you can get on with life. Wear goggles if you must. We won’t laugh. Much. 😉

Love from the Farmhouse,