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Lol…that’s a golden oldie. This is how it feels when you go to the grocery store around the first of the month in our town. You feel like you are gonna fall to pieces…or pull your hair out.

It feels like everyone and their neighbor comes out of the hills and hollers for a month’s worth of sustenance. Lands a mercy. And you know what? I always forget…until I pull up there. Good gravy, that’s a packed parking lot!

So, my sweet daughter and I waded the crowd. First we made it down the chute at the front door, like a bunch of deranged cattle with carts. Then we rounded the corner to the goodie aisle. (You ALDI shoppers are catching my drift.) We refrained from spending much there…just picked up a swanky little wok spatula. Anyway…we made it out unscathed and even saw a good friend. It was a profitable trip…but downright crazy.

If you head to the store today…don’t fall to pieces. We need you to remain calm. Insanity is overrated. 😉

Love from the Farmhouse,