I went to the ophthalmologist a while back. I was having major vision complications..and he decided that is was due to the side effects of some meds that I had been on. He then looked me right in the eyes and said “Some of us just seem destined to suffer…but it makes us better people.” 

It doesn’t feel that way does it? It feels hard, and scary, and we feel like we are failing the test. We feel like we don’t know which way to turn…or who to go to for help. Then we remember that God knows all and we take a deep breath.

I’m not going to candy coat it. Life gets hard at times. Super duper hard. Sometimes…super duper scary. I was reading in the book of James this morning about God sending trials our way. Guess why? To make us better people. Hmmm…seems that I’ve heard that somewhere recently. 😉

Sweet friend, if life has been a little on the tough side lately…I want to share something with you. Tomorrow is Good Friday and to the world…it looked like the end. This is the kicker: God could see the big picture and He knew that Jesus wasn’t finished with His work. Things were going to look brighter. What had happened was only going to make everyone better.

You see…it looked like a trial…but it became a triumph. Oh Glory!

Love from my heart to yours,