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Today, my mom came over. She is precious. She also has shingles. Nothing is touching the pain…so I whipped up a mix of essential oils for her, doctored her sores, and wrapped my arms around her gently, and asked Jesus to help her. She was feeling better in no time. Thank You Jesus!

That is an old picture. Neither one of us has felt that good in a while. I am on the heat pad…as we speak. Anyway…after that…we decided to ride to town to get something to eat…just as we were. Don’t ask. Lol!

We might have looked like that. Ha ha!

Anyway…we did run through the drive thru at “the Dairy Queen.” Chicken basket anyone? On the way back we, of course, hit the dirt road. They are inevitable if you want to get back to our little hillside farm.

We found this beauty, in the spring sunshine.

Dirt road riding is a favorite of mine. It is a means of relaxation. Mom and I have been doing that…my whole life. I am thankful to live on a dirt road. I will trade it for a clean vehicle…any day of the week. 

By the way…while I still have you here…I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for reading my few words. Thank you for mentioning to my husband that you read my blog…and thank you for the comments. They mean so much to me. Thank you also for being patient…while I try to get my health back on track. It has been a booger bear the last couple of years. I never knew…but now I know. Compassion fills my heart for those that feel cruddy…every day. Anyway…just thanks. My Dirt Roaders are the best!!!

Love from the dirt road,