Hey friends!  I hope that your Wednesday is going well! We are chugging right along. I wanted to pop in and share a little bit about Grove Collabrative, formerly EPantry. They have such a fun deal going right now!

This summer Grove Collabrative has started carrying Caldrea products. Aren’t they beautiful? I know! 

It’s so fun to have lovely, hardworking, products that are natural and good for our family.

I have a handy dandy link right here for new customers:  https://www.grove.co/s/t2julycaldrea/?offer=t2julynew&flow=fixed&utm_medium=infoffer&utm_source=t2&utm_campaign=julyinfoffer

And then a handy dandy link for existing customers that want to take advantage of this deal:  https://www.grove.co/accounts/login/?next=/productoffer/t2julyext/

I’m just nice that way. 😉

Love from the Farmhouse,