Seventeen years ago today…I was finishing up three weeks of bed rest. I was also heading to the hospital to deliver our child. She was our first for me to deliver, I had miscarried before her.  Wow…seventeen years ago. Time flies when you are having fun!  She is a treasure…not only to her daddy and I…but to the other blessings that followed her.


Seventeen years ago today…we were living in a little trailer park on the outskirts of town in a tiny little mobile home.  We had no idea how to be parents…but we had (and have) a strong faith in God, and we trusted that He would help us.  He has.  He is good like that.


Seventeen years ago…I learned what pain was, and joy…in the same moment.  I watched as they worked on a tiny little girl, giving her oxygen, and making sure that she was going to be okay.  I was a mother.  The highest calling, second only to already being a wife. I was beginning my life’s greatest work.  Something that I will do all my days…even when my children are grown. My life was no longer about just me, just my husband and I, but about making sure that this tiny infant could navigate in this crazy world.  Seventeen years later I see that so much more clearly than I did then.


I have always wanted to be a mother.  Actually…that was all that I ever wanted to be, a wife and mother.  I feel that for over twenty years now…I have been living the dream and I look forward to many more of those years. Being a wife and mother has made me a better person. I am so thankful for that. It has taught me that we are truly happy when we don’t make life about ourselves…but about others.

Happy Birthday Angel Baby,