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Hey guys!  How are you doing on this… day after a holiday?  I am chuggin’ right along. We are on vacation at home, this week, so I was up and at ’em while everyone else slept in for a bit.  Rest is always a good thing.  We promote that out here on the farm. With today’s lifestyle we make a marked effort to follow after peace…but here I am off topic.  You are probably thinking “Kel, what on earth does that have to do with biscuits and gravy?”  Well…I will try to tie it all together for you.

Yesterday, at some point, the Mister requested biscuits and gravy this week.  Today is his day. We also have “home grown” sausage in the freezer so we will pair it with that.  You see biscuits and gravy is not a meal that I constantly cook.  Truthfully…I haven’t made homemade biscuits in so long…that I had to try and remember where my ol’ faithful recipe was.  (Seriously…have y’all tasted those big fluffy FROZEN biscuits?) This week though…we are taking it slow and easy and a simple pleasure he requested…and a simple pleasure he shall receive. Sometimes when life gets busy, or hard, or complicated…I opt for the easiest way to get something done.  The thing about that is…I miss out on the cathartic benefits of mixing up my homemade biscuits on our kitchen counter. (If you love to cook…you understand…if not…just skim through this part.) 😉 I miss out on giving of myself to those that I love the most. I also miss out on the peace that comes from a process.


Life gives lots of opportunities like that doesn’t it?  We can go the extra mile for someone or we can just pop something frozen in the oven. Don’t get me wrong.  Sometimes we just have to go that route, and sometimes that is our best…and it’s blessed.  There are other times though…when we have plenty of time to get flour on our hands and knead the dough.  I want to be wise to the ebb and flow of that.  Not just with my own family but with others that I am called to serve as well.  A healthy balance is a key ingredient to a peaceful life, I do believe.

You all have read this blog long enough to know that I am not just talking about cooking. Some of my readers may not even like to cook. Some days eating take-out is a total way to win me over. My point is that we (I) should be intentional with service toward others…no matter what we do. Time is one of our most precious commodities in this life. Sharing it will always be blessed. You wanna hear something crazy?  I don’t think that this was even my original thought today…but it just kept flowing.  Maybe all of this is for my own heart…or maybe some of you needed the encouragement to keep on keeping on. After all..this life really isn’t about us.  It’s about others…and biscuits and gravy.

Love from the Farmhouse,


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