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How are you perkin’ today friends?  Is it slow going?  Or are you blazing a trail…full speed ahead to Friday? I seem to be plodding a bit lately…but that is better than being totally still, I am told.  I have been drooling (not literally) over this beautiful collection of coffees this morning.  Due to some bladder issues over the past several months, I have had to give up my morning cup.  Never fear though, my friend Brenda and I have found a solution to our acidic problem and it is on it’s way to us in the mail.  Acid neutralized coffee.  Who knew?  Now we do.
Well…enough of that…are you guys perkin’ in the fall décor department?  I have had a few thing out for a while.  I may get a second wind and find a few more in a day or two.  I’m waiting about getting anything fresh for the porch.  It’s still pretty warm here…so real pumpkins would have to sit in the sun, on our porch, for quite a while.  Isn’t it so fun though?  I noticed that my husband’s aunt had her “shocks of fodder” out at their house.  That is cornstalks…for those that weren’t raised in the country…or around their grandparents. lol!  It looks so pretty and so “harvesty.”  Spell check loves that one.

I found that little “hello fall” sign at the Dollar Spot at Target.  Isn’t that fun?  I totally agree.  Oh…and in other news (random) I am getting excited about the new iPhone that is coming out tomorrow.  Lots of times now I shoot blog photos with my iPhone because I love the camera and it’s so easy.  The new one has an even better camera…and that makes the creative eye ball in me…twitch with happiness.  Hopefully it will be bug free…as the word on the street is always…”If you get the latest phone it will have bugs.”  Sheesh…spoil our fun whydon’tcha! Anyway…if you have a Target (back on track) go check out all of their fun stuff.  Or…if you are like us…drive and hour and a half…and eat lunch at a really good place while you are out of town. #countrylifeperks

Sometimes when I decorate for fall…I just throw a bunch of faux “punkims” in a basket and call it good. It makes me feel happy every time I walk by and see them.

The last little tidbit that I wanted to leave with you comes from the quote above.  If you aren’t perkin’ too steady, or too strong, or to fast, hang in there.  Sometimes our boats rock and pitch and make us feel sea sick.  The thing about that is…the Master is right there with us…and I read this morning that no weapon formed against us…shall prosper.  The Master is with us on these little side paths…but this is not our destination friends!  Hang in there…sunshine and a bubbling percolator…are just up ahead!

From my heart to yours,