Does that sound like a dream?  Does it sound dreamy?  Are you like “Kel…what planet are you from?”  If you are a mom with lots of little ones running around…you might have just given a big ol’ eye roll.

Life in the slow lane doesn’t have to be a life of ease on the beach somewhere.  In the middle of this crazy, chaotic, sometimes really hard life, it is your choice to switch to the slow lane…or not.

People that drive in the fast lane all the time…are always on the defensive.  They don’t have time to gaze out the window…because they are always passing people. (We tease the Mr. and tell him that he thinks that lane belongs to him.) On the other hand…folks in the slow lane…are just enjoying the journey.  They are also enjoying their regulated blood pressure.

I know that life is busy.  Yesterday we had three church services to attend…and my husband ministered at two of them.  Before all of that…early in the morning…he got a cow in the squeeze chute and gave her shots.  (Ox in the ditch.) I’m not complaining or bragging…it’s all for  the Lord.  Even the cow…because ultimately she belongs to God.  I am just saying that we understand…busy.


Fast forward to after church last night.  Where could you find us?  We switched over to the slow lane.  We were at the Tropical Sno booth.  Why?  It was time to take a break.  It was time to slow down a bit.  This is a learned way of life.  It doesn’t usually come naturally.  It’s easier to stay busy and in turn wear ourselves thin.  Switching to the slow lane…is actually using wisdom. Did you know that Jesus totally approves of that?  He does.  


So…sweet one…that is burned out, tired out, cried out, whatever…take a little time for you today.  Be kind to yourself.  Ease over into the slow lane for a bit. Take a deep breath and let go…even if it’s just for a few minutes.  Heaven approves…and really…that is the main thing.


See you at the snow cone booth,