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Do you love to shop at the feed store? I haven’t been out much this summer, due to some health issues, but I went to our local feed store today.  I can always find something there.

Today…I walked away with two tee shirts, (All proceeds go to St. Jude.) a new Lodge grill pan, a super snazzy book about canning, and some Two Old Goats. (That is natural muscle rub. Won-der-ful.) lol…Usually I don’t make that big of a haul…but my birthday is nearing.  I was making the Mr.’s life a little easier. Oh yeah, cattle wormer…but that wasn’t for me.

If you haven’t guessed it…I would shop the feed store…before the mall.  That’s just me.  All while wearing Versace perfume.  No…they don’t sell that at the feed store…unfortunately.  😉

I hope that your Thursday has been a good one.  Jesus loves us…Dirt Roaders! 

Now….after a trip to our Chiro…it’s time for Two Old Goats.

Love from the Farmhouse,