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Right now at the Farmhouse…there is a whole lot of stuff going on.  It’s the lazy days of summer…but it’s also almost the Fourth of July. (You already knew that.)  That means that we do things around here that need doing.  Yesterday it was Give the House a Bath Day.  Today Bushhog and Mow Day.  Those things have mostly been taken care of by the Mr.  I am the moral support and the maker of breakfast burritos.

Our church family comes out to our little farm to celebrate with us.  Now you are like…”Ahh ha!”  Now we know why all of this stuff needs doing.”  You are right.  I actually planned on staining the front porch too…but after the Mr. powerwashed it and I saw it in all of it’s chippy glory….we left it.  It had a very “Walton’s-esque” feel to it.  We are good for now, thanks.

I actually got my big camera out today and snapped a bunch of shots for new posts.  Then my computer decided to be sassy…so that will have to wait for another day.  That is okay though.  Sometimes…when there is a whole lot of stuff going on…you just have to give yourself a little grace.  I’m good with that.

Love from the Farmhouse,