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Hey Dirt Roaders!  Are you snowed under?  Are you tired of talking about snow?  We are getting there.  We actually got hammered with another round of it last night.  We have half heartedly mentioned the nitrogen for the ground…but for the most part everyone is ready for spring. (Some friends of ours call it free fertilizer.  I agree and we are thankful.)


Sometimes life throws stuff like that at us.  It seems like hard times just keep coming with no promise of spring.  It won’t be that way forever though.  Hang in there sweet ones.  An old song says “It won’t rain always.”  It’s the truth.  If you feel as though you just can’t breath…tip your head up a little.  At times after losing our beloved Daddy, Father-in-law, and Poppy…I felt that I couldn’t breathe.  Our Saviour would give me that gentle nudge to look up.  It makes a huge difference. Life is still hard at times…but being reminded that God has everything under control makes a world of difference. Years ago, I was going through a hard time, and our pastor spoke to our ladies group.  We had all met at their house and he did a little devotion for us.  That was his topic.  It wouldn’t be winter forever and that spring was right around the corner.  I remember being so encouraged by that.  I knew that what he spoke was true.  God never leaves us in darkness.  Even when we can’t feel it…God is busy taking care of us.


The kids and I are going to make good use of our time today.  We are going to clean and get things all spiffed up.  I plan on dragging out my workhorse….the Hyla.  Did you guys ever jump on that bandwagon?  We actually bought ours of of eBay.  I love it.  It just makes everything seem clean.  lol!  I am on my first load of laundry.  Always more of that to follow.  I also need to figure out once again…what to cook for supper.  What have you guys been cooking?  Leave me some comments and load me up with ideas!  I will love you forever!  (You know that I already do.) Please don’t be afraid to leave a comment.  I enjoy them so much.  There have been times that I have felt intimidated to leave a comment on other blogs.  Please don’t feel that here.  This is a place for us to visit and learn from each other.  I try to write this blog like a visit between friends.  Feedback…makes me feel that I am not talking to myself.  lol!


Believing in the promise of spring,