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Hey guys!!!  How are you?  We are doing well.  Trying to stay warm.  The first day of March has come and gone and so far we have no hint of spring.  We are actually due for another snow storm tomorrow.  As my granny said.. “We will get what we get.”  Pretty cut and dried.


So what are you guys doing to hop on the spring bandwagon?  I haven’t put our decor out yet.  I’m thinking about doing a little of that today, even with snow impending.  I have a couple of cute bunnies and a couple of pillows from friends.  I also have some daffodils that look very real.  It’s exciting to add a few touches to brighten things.  It’s also exciting to herald in the celebration of Easter.


I also need to be thinking about what I am going to cook for supper.  I’m thinking on turkey kielbasa with cabbage.  That is my mom’s famous recipe and I am anxious to try it.  (She doesn’t use the turkey version though.)  Something hearty and healthy sounds good in this weather.  I may throw a bit of corn in there for the Mr. and a bit of okra for me.  We shall see.  😉


I hope that you have a lovely Tuesday.  When you think about it…we have some special people in our lives that have some serious needs.  If you could whisper a prayer for them…I would be ever grateful.  My Dirt Roaders are the best.  Thank you!

Love from the Farmhouse,