Do you want to throw stuff in the yard in January?  I do.  Actually…all year, at different times, I get the urge to open the front door and throw things out into the yard.  What’s up with that?  lol!


Actually, I do know what causes it.  It’s the part of me that craves peace and smooth surfaces.  It’s almost like…in my mind…there is this sensor that goes off…when I have too much surrounding me in the decor department.  I don’t do well in that.  It drives me crazy.  I know.  I need therapy. 😉


When we built this farmhouse, several moons ago…there wasn’t a whole lot in here.  I loved that.  I wouldn’t even buy stuff at the junk store or go to yard sales for the longest.  I was content to have just enough.  Packing and moving will do that to a person.  I still tend to clean out and give things away…regularly.  Very rarely do people leave the Farmhouse…without some sort of little trinket or handmade goodie.  I love that.  It’s a win/win.


Do you have the “Throwing Stuff in the Yard” bug?  I love fresh starts and open spaces.  It seems like it frees up my time and energy.  I find beauty there.

Happy Wednesday, Dirt Roaders!