Hey Guys!  Happy Monday of a new year!  Is that excting? Fresh and new? I think so too.  I really do.  I am excited about what God is going to do for us here at Along the Dirt Road this year.  I have been giving it serious thought and prayer.  He and I have been looking it over together, and I think that moving forward with this blog is the thing to do.  You all are so gracious to drop by for a bit.  I love that.  I love to share the love of God and family with you.


So today…to get us started…I am going to share a little tid bit  with you.  Here it is:

If you struggle with the gloom of winter…houseplants help.  I know.  Rocket Science.

You may say, “Kel…I do not have a green thumb.”  Don’t worry, sweet Dirt Roader.  There are plants out there…made for those with the most black thumbs of all.  They are called succulents.  They are everywhere.  Wal-Mart would love to sell you one.  They require little care and they put a tad of green in your world…when everything else is brown and gray.


It is my secret for combating the after Christmas blues.  I organize our home and tend my houseplants until spring.  I know.  I am a real wild woman.  lol!  It does help though.  A bit of green in the house perks my spirit.  That…and my faux lemons.  I need to get those out.  (If you are a lover of the long, cold, winter…you already think that I am crazy.)  It’s not really that I despise winter.  I love the coziness that comes with it.  It’s just that I am a child of the summer. I love the growing things.


That brings us back to this blog.  May it grow and stretch and cause us to do the very same.  The main reason that I am in this…is just in case someone who needs a tad of hope..happens by.  I want to be here…holding the love of Christ out to them.  It may be wrapped in a post about soup.  It may be wrapped in a post about farm chores or new baby calves.  It may be in a post about crafting or cleaning.  Whatever we do here this year, I want the love of Christ to be at the very center. Along the Dirt Road is a place of fresh and new.  A place about growth and birth.  I am so glad that you are here.

Love from the Farmhouse,