I am sure that you have some in your town. Honey holes. Your favorite spot to find home decor. In our town there is a lovely little place called Cleea’s At Home Market. It’s a delight to stop in and browse…and buy.


When I stopped by on Saturday, it was to pick up a small gift. It’s a great place for that too.


This little store is one of my favorites in our area. I have some others that I want to highlight in the future. I always get excited when the stores put out their fall decor. It’s also fun to shop local. I feel like I am supporting my fellow townspeople…because I am.

I hope that you have a lovely week and I hope that you find a few minutes for you. Hit one of your own honey holes, when you do.

Love from the Farmhouse,


p.s. In our neck of the woods… “honey hole” is generally used for a good hunting or fishing spot. FYI 😉