I changed the header again.  Did you see it?  Of course you did!  It’s huge!  I’m kinda digging that.  We shall see if it stays.  The thing is…I had such a huge reaction to those Ball jars…that it just seemed fitting that they be a part of the blog header.  They are a pretty big reflection of me.  So they just might stay.  How about that whopping badge too?  I mean, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind…the name of this blog.  That Pottery Barn basket on the coffee table is another favorite of mine too…so I’m loving seeing it there.  Anyway…this blog is a work in progress…just like me.  I’m okay with that. In other news…


We have had the sickies at our house.  Have you all?  There have been several bugs in the works at the schools.  My babies have been oiled down and it’s helping but whatever this is…we have all had it.  I am on fever blister number two in as many weeks.  Yeah…I’m whining a bit.  I’m kinda sorry about that.


Another kind of fun tidbit:  I am up for renewal on my cell phone contract.  I should say “we.”  The hubby and I.  So…here is the thing…I asked for opinions on Instagram about Android vs. iPhone.  I am now more confused than ever.  I guess I will go pick the brain of my carrier rep.  Maybe he or she will be able to also pick my brain and decide what would work best for me.  The important things are speed and camera quality.  Plus…I can get an iPhone for a penny…possibly.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  I do blog from my phone some…so I need to be able to do that as well.


Are you guys all decorated for fall yet?  I am…still not.  It just hasn’t hit me.  It will soon.  As soon as there is a little nip in the air, I’m sure.

I hope that you have a wonderful day…full of treasured moments.  They are all around us…if we will just really see.