My heart is so very full this morning.  It is full of love.  It is full of the joy of a mother, who watched her children make a public confession of their faith.  It is full of the unity that one feels when a church family makes it’s way down an old dirt road to share in this kind of love.  A full heart is a wonderful thing to carry.

I snapped this shot before the baptism.  It says so much.  It speaks of a couple that have invested their lives in the families of our little congregation.  Blood, sweat, and tears, that will only be truly known on the other side of this life.  Our children were delighted to share the antics of Chuck, (our steer) with our pastor and pastor’s wife.  My heart was full…just watching from a distance.


When we were building this farmhouse, (by the grace of the Almighty) and I stood upon the foundation for the first time, I got huge tears in my eyes.  My heart was full.  I didn’t know, until then,  just how far that we would be able to see from this little farmhouse on the hill.  God knew.  He knew all about it.  Even while the walls were going up, I had the feeling that this would be a place to share with others.  We have tried to do that.  It is an honor to share our home place with those that are in need of a little peace.  People tell us that it is peaceful here. I love that.  I love that…even in the turmoil of this life, that we can share peace with others.  Ministry comes in all shapes and forms.  We just have to be sensitive to that.  We have to realize that ministry begins with open arms.  Arms spread wide…to the wounded and the weary.  Sometimes…people just need a place of refuge…to kick off their shoes and breathe deep.  I am thankful for this little hill…out on the dirt road.


I felt the absence of my dad very strongly yesterday.  Last summer we had talked about the kids getting baptized…so I held that conversation close.  Something amazing happened though.  At the very end…our song leader broke out into a hymn about faith.  Some of the very last words of wisdom from my dad…:  “It’s faith.”  I am glad that God sees us…right where we are.  He is a loving Father…that knows the very heart of us.


Full beyond words,