Are you crazy like me?  Do you love antiques?  What is my deal with old stuff?  Maybe it’s because I stayed with my grandparents and great-grandparents a lot as a child.  I love home decor that tells a story.  That is the reason that antiques + me = rapid heartbeat.


When I was still in high school, I had my very first job.  I worked at a title company.  I also worked with the owner’s mother.  We called her Old Mum.  That was what her grandkids called her so…we all did too. She and I became dear friends. (Are we seeing a pattern here?)  Anyway, Old Mum and I would go to the antique mall on our lunch hour or just for a break now and then.  I love the way that she described antiques that had little spots or blemishes.  She said that they were “well loved.”  I have adopted that term myself.


My step-mom gave me a delightful gift for my birthday.  A vintage feed sack.  It was her great-grandmother’s.  Isn’t that wonderful!? I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it yet.  For now I just gaze at it and pet it.  lol! She and my mom both suggested framing it.  That would be really neat.  Our pastor’s wife suggested draping it over a curtain rod.  I had thought of that too.  All of my mothers…and their wisdom. 😉


I hope that you get to do a bit of junking this week, if you love that sort of thing.  I also hope that you slow down, look around, and realize that the love of God is so big…that we can never fathom just how much that He really loves us.

Happy antiquing,