Really Grandma.  I am sorry.  I am sorry because your okra is my favorite.  I love it breaded and deep fried the best.  I love a big ol’ pile of it on my plate.  At home, I love it straight from our garden and dipped in egg/milk and then deep fried in my cast iron chicken fryer.  The thing is…when I need to be good, your fried okra is so bad.  No wonder you have that cute little belly roll going on.  Under that floral dress…is a testament to fried okra.  (By the way…I’m not talking about a real grandma.) No wonder you feel so good to squeeze.  Okay…maybe I should just give up…put on a floral dress and grab a bowl of fried okra!  No…that is not the answer.  For now…while I am still a little on the “youngish” side…I will eat your fried okra once in a while and then eat my version the rest of the time.  Deal?  Grandma…you are so understanding.


Ha!  How are we doing so far with adding a little “grandma’s house”  to our summer journey?  We are off to a good start if you ask me.  Have you heard of Granny Chic?  It’s adorable.  People are  thrifting and incorporating things into their homes that make them think of days past.  It’s adorable. Oh wait, I already said that.  It’s so sweet. I tend to lean toward the simple side of farmhouse decor, but I have started to pick up a few little things.  One of my favorites is the little mustard colored doily from my sweet IG friend.  It just makes me feel happy.  Another thing that I have seen, are garlands made with colored doilies. All of the little house plants here and there have a very “grannychic” feel too.  Love!


Okay…so enough of that.  You are dying to have my recipe, I just know it! This is actually a variation of an okra and tomatoes recipe that I have.  I will also tell you how to make that.  It’s just the addition of tomatoes at the end.  In this recipe I used okra that I had frozen from our garden.  Did you know that you can just wash it and chop it and freeze it?  It’s amazing.  I was just trying to finish some up yesterday, so that is why I had okra for lunch.  That, and the fact that I am trying to be a good girl and eat my veggies!


2 tbsp. olive oil

minced garlic


fresh okra, not breaded

sea salt and freshly cracked pepper



Heat olive oil in pan, add minced garlic and onion.  Stir and let garlic turn golden.  (Don’t let it burn…bitter, bitter!)  Add okra and then season with s & P and whatever seasoning that you desire.  (It’s great with nothing…but you could use a lemon pepper or whateves. 😉 ) Keep stirring and “frying.”  When it gets done…to your liking…enjoy!  This is a wonderful summer side…or it can be a meal in itself.  If you love okra and tomatoes…towards the last few minutes throw in some halved grape or cherry tomatoes.  Cook until they are heated through.  DELISH!  (Oh yeah…and I don’t really do measurements.  Just because I figure you can decide how much okra, minced garlic and onion that you like.  My Dirt Roaders are smart that way. If you used a ton of okra…add a bit more oil.)


I hope that you enjoy the new “fried okra” in town.  It’s waist friendly and heart healthy.  I plan to enjoy it a lot this summer with my family…when the Lord blesses our little okra plants.  (Gotta have a little faith in this farming business.)  I also plan to eat Grandma’s version once in a while too.  It’s fun to have a treat now and then.

Love from the Farmhouse kitchen,