Okay.  Not really.  It doesn’t start until the last part of next month.  That being said, doesn’t Memorial Day seem like the kick off to summer?  Exactly.  We actually didn’t do one thing yesterday, except eat Chinese take-out.  Well, we did chores…like feeding the animals, but other than that…we were kind of knots on a log.  It was wonderful.  It takes my sweet Mister a bit to unwind because he goes 90 to nothin’ all the time.  I love that about him…but it’s a little hard on a day when work is all around, and we need to just stop and enjoy.  We are trying to have a good balance for our kids.  We eased into it yesterday and it was an amazing day.  Not the fireworks kind of amazing.  It was the good for your mind, heart, and soul kind of amazing.  I love those.


Soooo….do you have lots of projects planned for the summer?  I do not.  Well, we have big projects for outside that I am so excited about and I have the usual canning to do, as the Lord blesses our garden, but other than that, I don’t have big plans. I have sort of taken a little sabbatical this year in a few areas.  I am spending quiet moments with God for a good dose of healing.  This is where I have felt Him lead and I want to be obedient.  I am loving what I am learning so far.  Someday, I will be back into projects and ministries and all sorts of things…but for now, in this year of firsts without my dad, I am being quiet. Quiet is good…especially for those…who are normally…um…not.  😉


This doesn’t mean that life won’t go on.  I have tons of little ideas brewing in the back of my mind.  I dream of ways to add more “farmhousey” to our home.  I dream of creating and cooking and all “home” related things.  I know that life continues to crank into high gear at times.  This year of quiet is actually something that I can grab in moments…not hours.  It’s a bit of healing in the yard swing that the Mister bought for me.  (I don’t think that I can ever explain how much this meant to me…that he understood my need for that.) It’s a thoughtful walk out in the yard.  It’s pruning the oregano and the kids tying it up in bunches for me.  It’s seven baby puppies and their mama on the front porch.  It’s Peaches, the smallest goat, laying her head on my shoulder.  You see…it’s really…just being quiet and noticing.  There is healing in that.  After the storms of life have raged and you didn’t feel that you could even lift your head…the Master whispers to your heart in the quiet.  He tells you that it will be okay and that He has it all under control.  He tells you that if you trust in Him with all of your heart, and lean not to your own understanding…He will direct your paths.  Then sometimes when you lift your head, a jet is soaring through the clouds and you are reminded that your daddy was living…ready to fly. The blessing is topped off by your husband wrapping his arms around you and telling you “He’s waiting on us.”  Your heart then whispers thanks for the wisdom that comes from a good man.


I waxed a little emotional and serious on you today, Sweet Dirt Roaders.  I am thankful that you have chosen to stick with me…even in the more serious times of life.  I plan on celebrating the simple things all summer long.  I hope that you will join in and enjoy that with me.  I promise…it won’t be sad.  It will be delightful and maybe a little nostalgic.  Remember summers at your grandma’s house?  We may incorporate some of that into our summer…along the dirt road.

Love from Grandma ….I mean…the Farmhouse,