Hey Friends!  You made it.  It’s Friday!  Aren’t you glad.  Youbetcha!  Today…we are going to have a little cow talk.  You know…”Here a cow, there a cow”….yeah, you get it.  We are talking cows because they are everywhere!


When I was a teenager, my dad and I had a kitchen with a cow motif.  You know…back then it was the whole Holstein thing.  Cows were the rage.  We only got into it because he chose black and white flooring for the kitchen.  What else were we supposed to put with it?  Dalmatians?  Come to think of it, those were trendy then too.  Hmmmm….  Well, anyway, we aren’t talking that kind of cutesy pootsey cow decor today.  We are talking the kind that Miss Mustard Seed has made all the rage.  Yes…I too have succumbed to the cow trend once again.


Can I throw in a disclaimer?  I grew up around my granddad’s farm.  Matter of fact, that was my first home.  My parent’s and I lived in a mobile home there, when I was born.  When we moved, I still spent summers there and lots of time in between.  One of my most fond memories of him, was when I was trying to catch a calf “to ride.” He was laughing because he knew that it wouldn’t happen.  Something about eating off of that salt block in the barn…seeped into my bloodstream.  Either that…or it’s just DNA. Anyway…hopefully someday in the near future we can add bovine to our menagerie around here.  I think that they would be at home.  We are already surrounded by the neighbor’s cattle and they could hang out with our chickens and goats.  In the dream of cattle…I see nostalgia…the Mr. is seeing T-Bone.  lol!


I hope that your weekend is a good one.  I hope that you get to do something that makes you happy.  Hold your dreams close, Dirt Roaders.  Cherish them.  They are a huge part of who you are.  Share them with God and let Him bless them…in His time.

Love from our dirt road, to yours!